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Mystery Bruises…………..

This evening when I showered and went to shave my legs and low and behold there was a nasty black bruise about the size of a quarter by my knee! When did that happen? How come I can’t remember it happened? It must have hurt when it happened, right?

In the past I have talked with friends and they all talk about having “mystery bruises” and don’t remember how they happened.

Sometimes I remember when I’ve really gotten hit by something or ran into something that would leave a bruise, but why don’t we remember them all? Could it be because something else is going on at the time and we easily forgot about the injury?

Another thing, why do some people bruise easier than others? I talking about healthy people. I understand if you have an illness or on certain medication you are more susceptible to bruising. 

I guess it must just be one of those things that make you go Hummmmm.

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