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"What colors make orange?"


The other night my husband went to bed early. I stayed up for about an hour with the dogs because it was too early for them to go to bed. I got the dogs in their crates and crawled into bed as quiet as I could. As soon as I got settled in I hear him say “What colors make orange?”. Thinking that he was dreaming I quietly repeated what he said. I wanted to see if he knew what he was saying. He said “yeah, what colors make orange?” “Yellow and Red. Why do you ask?” I replied. He said “I was just wondering.”  He rolled over and went right to dreamland while I then tried to fall asleep and just kept thinking about different colors….Red and blue make purple, blue and yellow make green then blue, red and yellow make brown. I then wondered how my husband didn’t know the answer to his question, we met in art class my sophomore year and his senior year of high school.  He took art for 12 years as I did. I was an straight A student in art class, my favorite class of the day. My escape for a small portion of the day. My Mom wanted me to go to art school and I wanted nothing to do with school after I graduated from high school.

One of my favorite things about color is black and white. Black is all color (red, yellow, blue the primary colors) while white is absence of any color. Black absorbs light while white reflects light.

Our daughter is a hair stylist, she also took art all through school. She was very good at it and did some beautiful and amazing works of art. She uses her color knowledge from art class to mix hair color. Some people without that background really struggle with mixing hair color because they either weren’t taught or can’t grasp color basics. She is very surprised when people that have been in the hair business much longer than she has ask her how to formulate a color.

There is so much more to color than people realize. But once you get it, you know it .

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