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Wedding Day

My only child got married a week ago to her best friend. It was a beautiful day!

Times have changed since I got married over 31 years ago. When I got married I did all the leg work and planning myself, there were no wedding planners that I knew of back then. I checked with my Mom about different things and we went to check out the halls (now called a venue) and picked out the meal and other reception details together. I paid for my own dress, flowers and cake myself. It was a lot of fun doing it all! 

My daughter did not get my gift of party planning. She was not involved much at all. She gave me ideas of what she wanted (which changed weekly and sometime daily!) and I looked online and in wedding magazines for ideas. I wanted to do as much as I could myself to save money and splurge on the more important things like a good photographer, which we did not have when I was married. Also we had a cello & violin for the ceremony and an added violin for the reception which added a beautiful touch. They were involved in the food choices and tasting of course.

We don’t have a big immediate family and they all live out of town. A few were able to make the trip which was so nice. We were a little concerned about the weather. That was the weekend hurricane Sandy moved up the East coast, dropped temperatures and brought gusty winds. This was an outside ceremony. Even though it was cooler than we would have liked it, turned out to be a very beautiful day and I think everyone was comfortable. Thankfully our friend Kellie did the flower arrangements, bouquets, etc. She also transported items from the ceremony venue to the reception venue. We tried to multipurpose decorations and arrangements, which worked well! The people at the reception venue said they would decorate all the tables with the items we supplied, well Kellie showed up during the ceremony to put flowers on the cake that was delivered by the bakery. None of the tables had been decorated, there were too many tables and the small 3 tier cake was on a jumbo table. Kellie aka “wonder woman” went into action and had those workers jumping! She took care of it all, what a dear friend! She got back to the the ceremony venue shortly after it ended and told me what had happened and how she changed into her reception dress at a red traffic signal. She is so funny! We helped her get everything loaded and collected all our daughters belonging from the bridal room and headed over to the reception. Our daughter and her new husband are both good Christian kids. They didn’t want any alcohol and no dancing, not because they think it is evil just because they aren’t drinkers (even though our son-in-law will have a glass of wine or sangria on occasion. We did talk them into having a champagne toast) and neither one of them dance. We had a lovely fall punch, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks could be purchased in the bar. Yummy passed horderves! Dinner was fabulous and we received many compliments on the food and service. Seeing that it was a Sunday night no one stayed out too late because most had to get to work in the morning.

I think the kids were pleased with the way everything turned out, even though there were a few hiccups everything got taken care of and no one knew any different. We can’t wait to see the professional pictures because the pictures our family members took turned out great!

Beautiful memories! 

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