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Too much thinkin’ going on!


Man oh man! My brain has been whirling with partial ideas and thoughts. It is so frustrating because first of all I have no idea where to start to get them out of my brain and everything seems to not be complete. If that makes any sense.

Incomplete thoughts really drive me nuts. I can be so anal about things like that. I’m not one to leave things half done and it seems like life has been getting that way more and more these days. I start something and then have to move on to something else and on and on. It”s as though life is one incomplete thing after one incomplete thing and so on and so on. That saying reminds me of the old “Herbal Essence” commercials. Back in the day when there was one “Herbal Essence”, Not the plural hair product they sell now a days, “Herbal EssenceS”.

Well, anyway back to thinking. 

Then I have gotten into the bad habit of thinking of things that need to be done around the house and keep putting them off. I used to be able to have a few part time jobs a week and keep my house in order. Now I can’t even keep my house in the order like I would like and I don’t have any jobs!! I was thinking maybe I need a job a couple days a week! Will things get done because I have only a certain amount of time to get them done or would everything just fall a part? I fear the latter will win out!

I will just have to keep thinking about it! 

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