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Family Reunion

 Last week my husband and I traveled back to our home town. The main reason for the trip was my family reunion, my Dad’s side of the family. Earlier in the year my Uncle Paul (Dad’s youngest & last living brother) was killed in a small plane crash. The accident made national headlines. Because of the loss of my uncle my cousin decided to have a family reunion at her home like she did years ago. Besides the relatives still living in the area, cousins were able to make it from Arizona, Kentucky, Texas and Florida. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect and it was so nice to see everyone and to meet the new little ones! Of course we missed those that were unable to make it. 

My Dad’s only living sister Mary was there and his cousin Gus. We all put them to work asking questions about who this picture is of and how were they related. They were both so gracious about answering questions. I hope to have such sharp memories when I’m their ages! I found out I had an great Aunt Daisy (grandma’s sister), never heard of her before. I also did not realize that my Dad stood up in his cousin Gus’ wedding. 

My cousin Karen was there, she is 8 or 9 years older than I am. She hung out more with my sister when they were younger. She was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few years back. I have not seen her since being diagnosed, she did very well with all the people. It was nice to sit and talk to her. She loves her two dogs and was very concerned about getting home to feed them dinner. At the last reunion I was at with her we had a great time talking and playing volley ball. Her Mom was my Dad’s oldest sister Rose, she also developed Alzheimer’s, but was much older.  My heart goes out to her family, her husband works from home to be able to care for her. What a great man!

All this reminiscing made my sister & I want to subscribe to and do more research, which we will do later in the year. We really don’t know too much about our Dad’s side of the family, like I’ve said previously. Dad did not talk much about his growing up years. It is difficult to research because my grandparents were 1st generation immigrants, all information is back in the old country aka Italy. I hope to learn more because I would like to know where my family comes from. 

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